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The Banzai Institute for Biomedical Engineering and Strategic Information is an independent, non-profit research organization of ranking scientists. Its East Coast campus is located an hour from New York City in Holland township, New Jersey. Overlooking a truly panoramic expanse of the Delaware River Valley, it is a 112-acre haven for scholars of all disciplines, but the sciences in particular. Founded by Dr. B. Banzai in 1972 to fulfill a need of the scholarly community for greater continuity of research, the Institute supports scientific endeavors in many fields that would otherwise go unfunded. The Institute is a not-for-profit corporation, supported primarily by royalties donated by its researchers from commercial applications of Institute-sponsored work. Many top scientists seek to work at the Institute, subject to a rigorous selection process. If a candidate is approved by the board, he is given a key, a small monthly stipend, and a Spartan cell without electricity or running water, where he sleeps on a straw mat atop a wooden bunk. It is not the sort of place for everyone, and yet hundreds more apply than are accepted, among them some of the finest minds in the world.

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Ms. Emily HudsonGeneral Manager of the Banzai Institute – Houston Branch
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Ms. Hudson runs the Houston Branch and handles all day to day operations. She is the main person interns and residents will deal with while staying at the Institute. She is a strikingly beautiful woman, with long black hair (usually pulled back in a ponytail or put up in a bun), and brown eyes. She is Caucasian, five foot ten inches tall. She always has strange earrings on. The only thing to detract from her appearance is a scar starting on her right cheek and going down her neck. She is competent and straight forward, not liking to waste time with small talk.

Mr. Hector GomezAssistant Manager
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Hector is a Mexican-American, who can best be described as non-descript. He seems to fade into his surroundings. He has short black hair, a handlebar mustache and a goatee. He is of average build and height. Hector assists with running the Institute and takes a more ‘hands-on’ approach. He seems to be competent in a wide amount of areas but is not overly skilled in any of them. He might be called a jack-of-all-trades by some.

Mrs. Rosario GomezChef
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Rosario is a short Mexican American woman, with a warm personality. She is a classically trained Chef and runs the kitchen for the Institute. She always makes sure there is plenty on hand to eat at any time, day or night. If she is not there to fix a meal she makes sure there is plenty of food prepared ahead of time. In addition to running the Institute kitchen, Rosario often helps out with many local charity organizations. She is very easy to get along with, just don’t get in her way in the kitchen. She is married to Hector Gomez.

MishuChow Chow
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Mishu is part of the staff at the Banzai Institute – Houston Branch, working as watchdog and general security. He is under the direct supervision of Emily Hudson.

From the rec.pets.dogs Chow Chow Breed FAQ


The Chow Chow’s disposition is quite different from other breeds. They are catlike in their attitudes: aloof, reserved with affection, independent, dignified and stubborn. Although their soft fur is ripe for hugging, they do not always enjoy being fussed over by children or strangers. The Chow is very intelligent but like a cat, not as highly motivated to please their masters as most other breeds. They seem to please themselves first. They do not tolerate physical punishment. Hitting or beating a Chow may result in viciousness or a broken spirit. The Chow expects to be treated with dignity and respect. He will return that respect with undying loyalty if he believes you are worthy of it.

Dr. Howard LongbottomPsychologist (resident)
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Dr. Longbottom has been at the Houston Chapter for over a year. He is doing research on lucid dreaming and its applications in dealing with nightmares and night terrors. He is an African-American, short and slightly heavy. He doesn’t seem too hasty and is usually about only at night. Many have described him as ‘easy-going’ and ‘laid back’.

Mr. Alan Q. PetersonPolitical Scientist (intern)
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Mr. Peterson has been at the Institute for several months. He is currently studying the areas of political science, diplomacy, and negotiation. He plans to apply his studies toward developing countries and preventing political upheavals and violent governmental overthrows. Mr. Peterson is Caucasian, tall, medium build. He dresses immaculately and has a commanding presence.

Institute NPCs

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